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初中英语:阅读理解 (15)‎ Most parents, I suppose, have had the experience of reading a bedtime story __1__ their children. And they must have realized how difficult it is to write a __2__ children’s book. Either the author has aimed (定目标) too __3__, so that children can’t follow what is in his ( or more often, her ) story, __4__ the story seems to be talking to the readers.‎ The best children’s books are __5__ very difficult nor very simple, and satisfy(令人满意的) the __6__ who hears the story and the adult(成年人) who __7__ it. Unfortunately(不幸的是), there are in fact few books like this, __8__ the problem of finding the right bedtime story is not __9__ to solve. This may be why many of the books regarded as __10__ of children’s literature(文学) were in fact written for __11__ “Alice in Wonderland” is perhaps the most obvious(明显)of this. ‎ Children, left for themselves, often __12__ the worst possible interest in literature. Just leave a child in a bookshop or a __13__ and he will more willingly choose the books written in an unimaginative (并非想象的 ) way, or have a look at the most children’s comics(连环图书), full of the stories and jokes which are the rejections of teachers and righting-thinking parents.‎ Perhaps we parents should stop __14__ to brainwash(洗脑)children into accepting(接受)our taste in literature. After all, children and adults are so __15__ that we parents should not expect that they will enjoy the same books. So I suppose we’ll just have to compromise(妥协)over the bedtime story.‎ ‎1. A. to B. in C. with D. around ‎ ‎2. A. short B. long C. bad D. good ‎ ‎3. A. easy B. short C. high D. difficult ‎ ‎4. A. and B. but C. or D. so ‎ ‎5. A. both B. neither C. either D. very ‎ ‎6. A. child B. father C. mother D. teacher ‎ ‎7. A. hears B. buys C. understands D. reads ‎ ‎8. A. but B. however C. so D. because ‎ ‎9. A. hard B. easy C. enough D. fast ‎ ‎10.A. articles B. work C. arts D. works ‎ ‎11. A. grown-ups B. girls C. boys D. children ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎12. A. are B. show C. find D. add ‎ ‎13. A. school B. home C. office D. library ‎ ‎14. A. going B. liking C. trying D. preferring ‎ ‎15. A. same B. friendly C. different D. common ‎ ‎ 名师点评 本文说明了写一本供孩子读的好书并非一件容易的事,并且告诫家长不要一味强迫孩子接受大人的观点,因为孩子和大人在兴趣方面不尽相同。本文具有一定的教育意义,有助于改变家长一些错误的观点。‎ 答案简析 1. C。read to somebody 意为“读给某人听”,to后面接动作的对象。‎ 2. D。根据下文可知,存在的困难在于如何把孩子们的书写好。故选 good。‎ 3. C。书中的内容让孩子们无法理解,说明作者的目标定得高。故选 high。‎ ‎4. C。与前文either 对应,这里应用or. “either…or” 意义为“要么……要么……”。‎ ‎5. B。与下半句的nor 对应,这里应用neither。 “ neither…nor…” 意为“既不……也不……”。‎ 6. A。satisfy的宾语除了读故事的成年人以外,当然就是听故事的孩子。故选child。‎ 7. D。孩子听的故事越来越少,家长把讲故事当成读故事。故选reads。‎ 8. C。前后两句形成因果关系,所以应用so引导结果状语从句。 ‎ 9. B。上文讲好书越来越少,说明去发现好书并非是容易的事。故选easy。‎ 10. B。名词 works 意为“作品”。‎ 11. A。根据后面所举的例子以及文意,现在被认为是孩子们读的作品,实际上是为成年人所写的。故选grown-ups。‎ 12. A。show interest in something 意为“对……感兴趣”。‎ 13. B。孩子们选书的地点一般是书店或是图书馆。故选library。‎ 14. D。try to do something 意为“想法设法做某事”,符合当今社会实际情况,为正确选项。‎ 15. C。家长不要期望孩子门会接纳他们的观点,因为两者大不相同。故选择different。‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎